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Parental Control App Blocker

Parental Control App Blocker

1.442 by Kid security LLP
(0 Reviews) May 10, 2024
Parental Control App Blocker Parental Control App Blocker Parental Control App Blocker Parental Control App Blocker Parental Control App Blocker Parental Control App Blocker

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May 10, 2024
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More About Parental Control App Blocker

Kid Security is a child tracker app for parent control, a mix of a location tracker, child lock app, screen time blocker, and secure family chat. All this enables you to monitor your child in all aspects of their life. To start using Kid Security as a family locator and keep the safety of your kids under your complete control, download the Tigrow app on your kid’s phone.
In short, with this family tracking app you can track your child's phone and see its location on the map, listen to the surrounding sounds to access the situation, send a loud signal to attract your kid and attention, monitor your child's screen time, even set screen lock for kids, chat with your kid, and have a study motivation system.


★ Family Locator

Create a family link and track the linked phone with a GPS location tracker. Whenever you get bothered by the thought “I need to find my family”, or “I need to find my kid”, you can easily search for your family members in a few clicks in this family tracker and find out where they are right now without the need to call them. Now, finding and tracking family members becomes very easy!

★ Child Monitoring

For greater parent control, the app enables you to designate the exact location points directly on the map: "School", "Yard", "Class", etc. And receive notifications if the child leaves or enters the specified locations. So, Kid Security increases family safety.

★ Mobility History

With this phone location tracker, you can not only find and track location and find out where your child is at this exact moment, but also track the history of their movements for the entire day.

★ Sounds Around The Phone

Tap this bar and you will know the surrounding environment in this family tracker and how your kid is treated at school or any other place they are located now. Indeed, this is a great step towards a secure family progress!

★ Family Chat

An integrated chat for parents and children with tasks and a motivation system. But it's not just a chat! It's a well-designed communication tool with educational features. You can set tasks and assign points for completing them.

★ Loud Alarm

When tapping a Strong signal bar, you can send a loud alarm even if the phone is on silent mode. This way, you can attract the desired attention.

★ App Usage Statistics

Find out how many hours a day are dedicated to games and social networks. Receive a notification if they play on their phone at night instead of sleeping peacefully (Android only). It will now be easier to monitor the time your child spends on their phone. Also, you can enable a screen time blocker and set for your kid an app time limit in this child lock app.

★ Battery Control

The child tracker app will notify you how much battery is left on the linked phones. This way you won't be left without communication at the wrong time.

★ Messenger Monitoring

Check your child's messengers and be at ease: WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Instagram.

★ Tigrow App

This family tracking app is installed on the kid’s phone. With a very cute and interesting design. You can give tasks to a child and they will be displayed in the Tigrow app. For completing tasks, the child receives rewards and saves up for his dreams.

This is not just one of the parental control apps. The Kid Security tracking app was designed for family safety. It is a family link app that helps to find my kids and ensure that they are safe.

So, Kid Security is a valuable secure family tool for parent control! With this phone location tracker, you will always stay well-informed about the current location of your kid or other family members. And can even take advantage of tracking family mobility history. Besides, with its screen time blocker feature, essentially a screen lock for kids, you can control your kid on playing apps, etc

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