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SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email

SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email

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(0 Reviews) May 22, 2024
SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email

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May 22, 2024
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More About SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email

Encrypt all your **current** email addresses, business and personal, with SecureMyEmail.
- Fast Company - "SecureMyEmail makes really private email surprisingly simple."
- TechRepuiblic - "SecureMyEmail is email encryption for everyone."
- techradar pro - "SecureMyEmail is an easy-to-use, advanced platform that applies military-grade encryption to your email correspondence."

The SecureMyEmail™ secure email app for Android provides easy PGP email encryption for any email address so everyone can enjoy the privacy of end-to-end encryption without having to switch their email provider.

**Free Forever. Or, enjoy a 30-Day Free Trial**
- Encrypt a Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft (Hotmail, Outlook.com, Live, MSN) email for free.
- All other users receive a 30-day free trial and may encrypt up to 8 email addresses
- Free encrypted email use will be confirmed to you at signup.

**Send Encrypted Email and Attachments to Anyone**
- Recipients don’t have to use SecureMyEmail.
- Recipients can also reply and reply all, including to other non-users.
- Email and attachments remain fully encrypted end-to-end for everyone.

**Self-destructing ephemeral messages**
Email sent to non-users can be set to self-delete from 1 hour up to 30 days.

**Zero-Knowledge End-to-End Encrypted Email**
Nobody but your recipient(s) — not your email provider, Internet company, identity thieves,  advertisers, snoopy governments, or even us — can ever read your encrypted email and attachments.

**Super Easy to Set Up and Use**
It’s like setting up any other email software.

**Secure and Manage Multiple Email Addresses**
Encrypt up to 8 personal and business email addresses.

**Use for all your Email or in Conjunction with other Clients**
You can use SecureMyEmail as your primary email software or just use for encryption. You can keep using your favorite email app or webmail. We keep everything synced.

**HIPAA and GDPR Compliant**
Surpasses all encryption requirements to keep personal and patient data safe.

**Swiss Privacy**
SecureMyEmail systems and servers are housed in Switzerland data centers.

**Full PGP Compatibility**
- Creates genuine PGP keys that you can use with other PGP software and websites.
- Invite other PGP users for free for direct communication.

**Advanced Crypto Features**
Although super simple to use, we do have some goodies for the cryptographically savvy. Encryption key management, on-demand key regeneration, import/export of PGP keys, etc.

Read our terms of service at: https://www.securemyemail.com/legal/terms/

We’d love to hear your comments, questions, and concerns!

Please email us at:
[email protected]

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